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Do you feel like the wealthy possess a secret knowledge about death and taxes that's been kept hidden from you?

At our firm, we believe that educating our clients about managing their wealth during retirement, including the distribution of their assets, is essential. We believe it's not just about how much you save, but also about how much you can spend that truly matters.

Conservative Strategies For Tomorrow's Retiree's

Don't Touch The Third Rail!

Why Third Rail...

Third Rail refers to a topic or issue that is controversial in the public sphere, which people, especially politicians, tend to avoid discussing. In finance, such topics may include Social Security, Pensions, Nest Egg Vs Income, Life Insurance, and Distributions, which most advisors tend to avoid. However, at Third Rail Financial, we embrace these difficult discussions with the aim of helping you make informed decisions about your money that align with your values and beliefs.


"All the Dogs Barking up the same tree doesn't make it the right one!" ~Douglas Andrew

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Do you feel frustrated by how the government spends your tax dollars? Are you concerned about how this spending will impact your ability to save and increase tax rates?

Our free report offers a solution to break away from the tax trap that could cost you thousands of dollars in retirement. Learn how to create tax-exempt cash flow both now and in the future, as well as how to reduce stock market risk and gain without losing. Take control of your retirement and reduce the impact of the IRS with our helpful guide.

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