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Big Book Of Everything

What is the Big Book of Everything?
In a nutshell, it is a notebook filled with all of the information anyone could possibly need to know about you. The idea is that in our lives we have countless things that we are involved in. On rare occasions, other people need this information and no one knows how to get it. That's where the Big Book comes in. By filling this out and keeping it current, you can simplify the effort others have to take on your behalf.
Uses for the Big Book are:

  • After you pass away. People will know what accounts to cancel, have access to your email, know where important papers are kept, and otherwise streamline what is already a painful process.

  • Filling out applications. The information in the book is often found on various applications, by having the book you can look that stuff up at a moment's notice.

  • Making sure you know what your assets are. By going through and inventorying all of your assets, you have a better idea of where you are financially.

  • Forcing you to prepare for emergencies. By filling out the forms, it will force you to be better prepared when an emergency strikes.

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