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Helping You Make Educated Decisions
About Your Money That Feel Right To YOU!

Dear Friends,

We believe that, until now, most middle-income families have been at a distinct disadvantage when it comes to managing money, eliminating debt and accumulating wealth. Much of the financial planning information being passed on by most of the major publications and financial experts, is really geared towards people who are already wealthy. The people who can afford to take risks with their money.

These wealthy people live in a different world. They are not concerned about…

  • Qualifying for college financial aid, so their children can afford to go to college.

  • Reducing or eliminating debt to improve their cash flow, so they can afford health insurance or put braces on Mary’s teeth.

  • Whether there will be food on the table or a roof over their family’s heads if something happens to them.

  • Outliving their money during retirement.

Our objective is to provide you with the little known, unconventional, common-sense strategies that the wealthy have used for decades to accumulate, and then hold on to their money. The reason most middle American families continue to struggle today is that the conventional financial wisdom that has been passed on from generation to generation doesn’t work to accumulate and preserve wealth. The conventional wisdom taught today is what our parents and grandparents learned they had to do, just to survive during tough economic times!

So, how can we help you?

Our primary objectives are to help you to…

Find The Money To Reduce Or Eliminate Consumer Debt – Most families need real help to escape the chains of debt, which keeps them living from paycheck to paycheck. We’ll help you to… Eliminate your consumer debt, including paying off your home 10 to 20 years early, without you sacrificing your current lifestyle!

Maximize The Amount You Can Save From Current Income – Families need help to find the money to put into savings. We’ll show you how to… Set up a savings plan that will provide significant additional wealth for you in retirement “TAX-FREE” with no additional risk and at no additional out-of-pocket cost!

Guarantee The Safety Of Your Investment Principal – With the recent losses in the stock market most families recognize they can’t afford to lose any more of their hard-earned money. You’ll learn how to… Grow your retirement savings by participating in the up-side of the stock market, without the risk of the down-side, while both your principal and interest are 100% guaranteed!

Minimize Your Income Taxes – Is there any question that income taxes significantly reduce the amount of money available to you for savings? We’ll help you to… Avoid “donating” an extra several thousand dollars to the IRS again this year, money that you could instead donate to yourself to enjoy some of the finer things in life!

Position Your Money To Provide Liquidity – Families need to have access to their money, without early withdrawal penalties, prior to age 59 1/2, for college funding, emergencies, insurance, and other family expenses. You’ll learn why IRAs, 401ks, College Funding Plans, and 529 plans maybe some of the worst places for you to be investing your money!

Create Structured Retirement Income, to Guarantee You Don’t Outlive Your Money – It’s not how much money you’ve accumulated. It’s how much income you have to spend. Tax-Free money provides more spendable retirement income than Tax-Deferred!

In short… our goal is to help you maximize what you are doing with your money and avoid key pitfalls that could set you back substantially. It’s not our job to wrestle you into a financial product or expensive financial plan that you don’t want or need.  We just want to help you make educated decisions about your money that feel right to you. And that might include not doing anything differently if that’s what feels right!

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